Foster Program

Have you ever wanted a top pick puppy?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to own a show or performance dog?

Want to have something to brag about at work around the water cooler?


I have only Two permanent dogs in my house: Cinnamon, my German Shepherd Dog...and Nike my Berger Blanc Suisse (aka White Swiss Shepherd, aka White Shepherd)

The rest of the dogs on this website are either co-owned with other breeders/exhibitors or are part of my FOSTER PROGRAM.

My FOSTER program is where I place my top pup or puppies from a litter into a family home. These pups usually come with health testing. (My vet has drawn blood on pups at 4 weeks of age...and I have cheek swabbed pups for testing at 12 days of age). I start health testing early!!  The pups are placed into the family home usually free.  The pup is basically your pet, however, I have show/trial and breed rights to the pup.  What that means is that I will take on occasion the dog to a show or trial and once health testing is complete and passed, I have the right to breed the dog.  I take care of all the show, trial and health testing fees. BTW:  The health testing and showing I do on a dog before breeding goes into a LOT of money and time.  I invest a LOT into a potential breeding dog.  And if the dog fails a test, it is not used for I have a lot on the line.  You take care of all the pet type fees as if it were your dog. (food, vet bills and care). The only thing I require of a FOSTER HOME in addition to what a normal pet home might incur is a "basic" pet accident and illness policy.  These run about approx $35 per month (approx $400 per year, prices checked 6/21/2013) for a shepherd through PETSHEALTH.

You can have a policy through anyone, I have found theirs to be the most reasonable.  The reason I require a pet accident and illness policy is since we are sharing this dog for a few years, I don't want to be caught in between a rock and a hard place in case something happens.  (I have seen in the show world, people who don't have money ready to mortgage their home when Fido needs medical care...and I have seen people who have money ready to euthanize for simple things). 

Thus far, my FOSTER program has been a win-win for everyone involved.  The family receives a quality dog.  I am able to have access to a dog that I might not otherwise have.  And the dog lives in a home as a spoiled pet and gets lots of attention. 

How long do we share the dog?

Females are until they turn 6 years of age.  At 6 years of age, you will get her spayed and my rights sign off.

Males are until they turn 8 years of age.  At 8 years of age, you will get him neutered and my rights sign off.

How often will you breed the dog?

Females are not bred until they are 2 years old.  One can not get official OFA hip and elbow certifications until they are 2 years old.  And as mentioned above,  they are spayed at 6 years of age.  

How often will they be gone showing?

I like to get my puppies out when they turn 6 months old to show. Most shepherds achieve their UKC championships within 3 weekends of showing...some take a little longer...some like Jake finish at 6 months 3 days of age in one weekend of showing.  Usually, I tell people that it is like one weekend every couple months...however, there may be a couple weekends in a row...and then nothing for several months.  I try to not "butt" into your life as much as possible.  What I want to accomplish minimum on a FOSTER DOG is a championship, some type of temperment certification (CGC, TDI, DSA, TT, TC...), and with shepherds some type of basic herding certification...and with basenjis a basic junior courser title.  The dogs should show the knack to do what they were bred to do!

Sounds Interesting...who can participate?

I like my FOSTER homes to be within an hour of me (Brighton, MI) so it is easy for me to pick up the dogs for shows and drop them off.  Any further than that...and it makes things complicated.  If you are interested in such an arrangement, let me know when you contact me.  I particularly like to place my puppies in a home with children.  NOTHING RAISES A DOG BETTER THAN CHILDREN and all the hustel and bustel that brings.

What if I live further away and I fell in love with a dog you are trying to place as a FOSTER DOG?

There is the possibility of co-ownership.  In a co-ownership, you are responsible for showing and trialing the dog.  All my FOSTER DOGS are co-ownership dogs are all-over.  I have been blessed as a novice breeder for some well-established kennels to seek out my dogs and agree to a co-ownership!

If you are interested, please give me a call: 810-360-8001