GSD/WS Litters


From Oct 2003 to December 2013 - I have had 14 shepherd litters (1- Litter A to 14- Litter N) and have produced 95 shepherd puppies total within that time period. 50 of those puppies were white, 25 were sable and 20 were saddles. 13 households have acquired 2 of my puppies - that's 26 puppies out of 95 for 27.4%.

16 of those 95 puppies have UKC Championships - for a total of 16.8%. 8 of those 95 puppies have UKC Grand Championships - for a total of 8.4%.

People who I have sold pups to in the past, I have gotten to know as they become part of my family, per say. About 1/4 of my previous pups are in a home with another one of my pups.  If you currently have a pup from me and would like to add a second or third pup (or fourth :-) ) - there is a $200 credit off the price of the pup. 


White Shepherd Puppies (domestic lines): For a pet on a non-breeding contract $2000

White Shepherd Puppies with Overlays** (domestic lines), or a Solid Recessive Black Shepherd or a Dark/Black Sable: For a pet on a non-breeding contract $1500

Traditionally Colored Sable or Saddle (i.e. black/tan) Shepherds: For a pet on a non-breeding contract $1200 

Berger Blanc Suisse (White Swiss Shepherd) Puppies (Pups from two FCI BBS parents) : For a pet on a non-breeding contract $2800 


If you are looking for a show/breed potential pup, you will need to contact me. We have a lot to discuss...pricing and terms are different for a show/breed pup.

All puppies are handled daily, go through the early neurological stimulation program (superdog program), introduced to multiple stimuli and household sounds, vet checked, first vaccines given, stool checked, dewormed and microchipped.


If you are interested in being a part of my FOSTER PROGRAM or COOWN, PLEASE contact me.  Please let me know what gender (male/female), coat type (short/long) and color (white, black&tan saddle, sable) you are looking for. 
** Overlay puppies are determined before 6 weeks of age. These puppies have biscuit/mahogany hock coloring and often have biscuit/mahogany coloring on their ears and elsewhere.